Our vast, free collection of learning resources for ESL students online

Fun Photos

Funny and unusual pictures for use in our class discussions and games

Grammar Review

Charts and exercises that explore a wide variety of the problems English learners struggle with

Vocabulary Review

Illustrations and definitions of formal and informal English, idioms, homonyms, and word parts

Listening Resources

Listening tips and links to recordings that you can practice your listening skills with

Speaking Resources

Techniques for improving your pronunciation and more effectively participating in discussions

Reading Resources

Fun facts, useful tools, important terms, and links to free books

Writing Resources

Examples of many types of writing and writing pitfalls and solutions

Language Differences

Analyses of major differences between English and 16 other languages

Graphic Organizers

Templates to help you organize your thoughts before speaking or writing


Movies made in Second Life to improve your understanding of English and guides on how to make your own SL movies

SL How To's

Graphics, notecards, slides, and summaries of how to do all the basic tasks you may need to do in Second Life

Important Links

Links that will teleport your avatar to the places where we often meet or post comments

Just for Fun

Amusing or surprising games, maps, riddles, posters, and websites

Test-Taking Strategies

Tips to help you get great scores on standardized English tests, like the TOEFL test

Memory Exercises

Information about memory and exercises to help you remember more

...More to come!

Check back for new resources every so often! We'll keep adding helpful learning aids that we think you'll like.