What our students have to say about the SLESL program

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"My classmates are now my great, international friends. I meet with them all the time in SL after our lessons."

-Elena, Columbia, 34

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"Wow! This is not just old teaching with new technology ‐‐ every part of the lessons is as new as the technology."

-Dieter, Germany, 23

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"I am not so afraid to speak in English now. No one sees the real me when my brave avatar talks, so I get to practice being braver."

-Tomiko, Japan, 36

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"I highly recommend any international businesses who have English-speaking clients to let them handcraft a series of lessons for you."

-Sergio, Brazil, 42

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"I am so excited. Next summer I am going to meet three of my new English-speaking friends in person in Paris when we take our vacations there together."

-Ayumi, Japan, 28

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"Roleplaying dealing with angry customers at an SL hotel really helped me in my job, and was so funny too."

-Mohamed, Egypt, 19

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"I like it best when we don't use voice. I get a little more time to think and get my English right, and my writing skills are getting so much better."

-Nicole, France, 38

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"My favorite things are when we have quests or have to build things in pairs, and the teacher is just a spider on the wall. Sometimes teachers talk too much. This spider is very quiet until after we have finished our quest or building. Then the spider gives us suggestions. The spider is very smart! LOL. She always gives us good ideas to help our do-overs be much better."

-Vincenzo, Italy, 22

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