Sample Lessons

Clips of previous English lessons in virtual classes

To give you a better idea of what you might experience as a SLESL student, we've prepared the following short video clips of classes we've taught in Second Life for the University of San Francisco. The first video shows all the clips together, and the other clips break the first video into smaller segments so you can jump around among them as you wish.

All Segments Together


Example 1 Basic Skills

Example 2 House Scavenger Hunts

Example 3 Altering Appearances and Shopping

Example 4 SLictionary

Example 5 Definition Chart Race

Example 6 Discussion Practice

Example 7 Treehouse Diagram

Example 8 Affix Dominoes

Example 9 TV Studio Concentration

Example 10 Grammar Rummy

Example 11 Mysteries

Example 12 Problem Party


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