Memory Exercises

Information about memory and exercises to help you remember more

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How to remember more: pay closer attention; paraphrase or summarize; explain it to someone else;, group and organize it; make acronyms and acrostics; review briefly, but often
Grouping or chunking items to aid memorization has been used very effectively with dates and phone numbers, such as remembering nine-oh-nine, three-seventy-nine, thirty-two-eighty-one rather than 9093793281.
Trying to recall all the words of a popular song, or exactly how a penny looks, is a good exercise to realize how closely you do or do not pay attention to details.
Recall degrades as time goes by from when you last practiced the information, all the way down to less than 20% recall after 31 days. It can be helpful to practice at intervals that keep recall at 80%, such as going over the information every ten minutes.

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