Getting Started

Learning English with us at SLESL

Interest Survey

First, we encourage you to take an interest survey for us to learn a bit about you as an English learning student. Questions include things like your contact information, what languages you can speak already, and why you are interested in learning English.

Take the Interest Survey

Placement Test

Next, we have a test used to place students into appropriate level courses for learning English. Please take the test by yourself to give us an accurate picture of your ability and to prevent our having to move you into a different course later because of a misplacement.

Take the Placement Test

Number of Lessons

"I've done those steps, now what?"

An instructor will view the results of your survey and placement test and contact you to schedule classes. In the meantime, it's a good idea to download the Firestorm viewer for Kitely , make an avatar, and explore the virtual world a bit.