Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment do I need to take the course?

Why is a headset with a microphone a requirement?

Talking in Kitely without a headset causes irritating echoes and feedback that make it much harder for people to hear each other.

If I don't have my own computer, can I still take a class?

Yes, but you will need to find a public computer, school computer, or friend's computer that you can speak through headphones on without disturbing other people.

How much does it cost to join Kitely?

Nothing. Kitely is free. Go ahead and join it now and choose a basic avatar to start exploring Kitely with.

Why is it better to learn English with people who speak different first languages?

If the students in your class speak different languages, you will need to speak English to communicate. Therefore, you will speak more English.

How will my reading and writing improve with your courses?

  • Often during a class, you will need to type comments in the chat bar and on notecards to show that you have understood and completed the assigned tasks.
  • In addition, you will often be asked to write on a class blog page and read materials outside of class in preparation for upcoming classes.

Why do you recommend taking only 1 to 2 class sessions per week?

  • You need time to absorb what you have learned and time to practice it with partners outside of class.
  • You also need time to prepare for your upcoming classes.

What can I do if I want more grammar practice?

Let your teacher know, and he or she will direct you to appropriate links in our site toolkit or work additional grammar practice into future lessons.

Can I suggest a class topic or activity?

Absolutely. We are always interested in your ideas and making our classes serve your needs better.

Can I get college credit for your courses?

Not yet, but we are working with several educational institutions around the world to change this. If you want credit for a specific school, please give us its name, and we will contact it and try to arrange this.

Doesn't working with students from all over the world create confusion over class and private meeting times?

  • We will always post times in Edutopia Time which is the same as PST (Pacific Standard Time), which is used on the west coast of the United States.
  • When thinking about what classes are best for you or planning private meetings with your classmates, use the chart below to get a rough idea of different times around the globe, or use one of the many time converters freely available on the Internet. For example, a very practical time converted can be found at: www.timezoneconverter.com.
A basic time zone comparison chart. You can right-click, Save As... for easy reference.
Basic time zone chart color coded for Sleeping, Business, and Evening hours. You can click the chart to view it full size.

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