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Why you should try taking an English course online with us

SLESL.net is dedicated

to developing and delivering innovative, immersive, online English lessons in the virtual world known as Kitely so that language learners around the world will have inexpensive access to highly qualified teachers who are native speakers of English and who incorporate the latest technological and pedagogical strategies.

We conscientiously provide what no other English course online offers by:

  • Anticipating and meeting students’ interests and needs as assessed by pre- and post-course surveys
  • Evaluating each student, each course, and each instructor multiple times each term
  • Optimizing student time with faculty by using a flipped classroom approach where exposure to new vocabulary, grammar, reading, and writing is largely done outside of class and listening and speaking is focused on in class
  • Increasing student memory of material with in-world scenarios that delve deeper into the new language students are exposed to prior to class
  • Gamifying much of our instruction to increase student enjoyment and immersion
  • Giving potential students access to all this without requiring the expense of coming to the United States to receive it
  • Routinely reviewing the newest and best advances in materials and pedagogy
  • Maintaining the highest standards for all faculty:
    • All teachers must have TESL credentials.
    • All teachers must have many years of highly commended teaching experience.
    • All teachers must take rigorous online training on our theories and methods before facilitating our courses.
    • All teachers must be native speakers of English.
    • All teachers must have learned to speak at least one foreign language so that they truly understand the difficulties that language learners face.

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SLESL educator Barbara Novelli

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