A group of students ready to learn and have fun in a 3-D world

Learn English in cyberspace

The future has arrived!

Learning to speak English should be as fun as your favorite form of entertainment. Stop thinking in terms of classrooms with boring drills and textbooks. Start thinking in terms of exploring a virtual world while learning English with avatars from all over the world.

Through social events, games, time travel, mysteries, and a wide variety of roleplay situations, your English can dramatically improve while you are simply having fun and making new friends and business connections.


A truly unique learning experience

Highly adaptable and available wherever you are

You can improve your English one-on-one or in small groups with online immersion via avatars in our education-centric virtual world. Depending on your needs, we can supplement that with chat rooms, web quests, web games, Skype, and written assignments specifically designed for you.


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